B3 is guided by our strong commitment to the Jewish community and to finding new ways to engage people in Jewish life.

We have developed a simple template that describes how we could work with a local community or organization to begin a new process of inter-generational engagement, leadership learning, collaboration and transformation. Because we emphasize collaboration and innovation, our goal is to mobilize total communal involvement in this process:

• Community assessment: we begin with the local community landscape. What do we know about Boomers and succeeding generations here? What programs work? What resources are available? What major communal issues face the area? What is the state of inter-generational activities? What new information is needed? This first stage engages communal leaders—both volunteer and professional—with B3 leadership, in person or remotely. 

• Community Briefing and Brainstorming: after presenting a detailed briefing on Boomers and generational issues, we will conduct an intensive brainstorming session(s) with select volunteers and professionals from a cross-section of groups and organizations. This will yield a local plan for engagement and galvanize a core group ready for colaboration and implementation.

• The next step is to present a multi-session program led by B3 Platform partners (based on the partners’ specialties and local community needs as defined in the steps above.) This program will engage participants who reflect a cross-section of the local community. The program will inspire new approaches for engaging all its members, whether Boomers or not, and for exploring new inter-generational initiatives. A focus on outcomes will be designed into the program so that participants know that they will be working together to take what they learn in these sessions and use it to create new programs and projects in the community. This is one way that we can begin to transform Jewish communities. A summative feedback process will evaluate the program and reinforce next steps by the participants.

For those interested in exploring funding opportunities with B3, we are proud to be an IRS-recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization and as such, all contributions to B3 are fully deductible to the extent allowed by law.